Discover how to make Woocommerce checkout like Shopify in 2021

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WordPress is amongst the best Content Management Systems (CMS) for creating websites. These sites can range from portfolios, e-commerce shops, booking and services. As the most customisable CMS with an edge in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), businesses often opt for WordPress over competitors like Shopify.

As a WordPress developer and teacher, I often hear the same question from clients and students.

How can I make Woocommerce checkout like Shopify?

Before we look into this a bit further, let me outline what people love so much about the Shopify checkout process in these 3 points:

1) Express Checkout

With the shopping process becoming increasingly easy for customers, express checkout has become a must have. Allowing a customer to pay instantly with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal means faster checkouts, higher conversions, and less drop offs.

2) Email captured first

It’s really useful to capture a potential customers email on the earliest opportunity. This allows for follow up emails should the custom abandon cart. With plugins such as ‘abandoned cart recovery’ – capturing an email first means you can win back some of those lost customers.

3) Clear steps through the process

The Shopify checkout process spearheads customers through the process. No part of the checkout process is too long, and every step of the way the customer knows exactly what they’re doing.

Default Woocommerce Checkout Comparison

The default shortcode Woocommerce Checkout by comparison isn’t very user friendly or optimised for conversion. The email address falls low down the sequence, there is no express checkout options, and the amount of fields makes the experience feel clunky and unneccesary.

How can I make Woocommerce checkout like Shopify?

Whether you’re using a custom theme or a site builder like Divi, Elementor or Oxygen, Woocommerce is used to add e-commerce functionality to your WordPress Site. To make woocommerce checkout like shopify you just need to install woocommerce blocks.

Make woocommerce checkout like shopify with woocommerce blocks

Are there any negatives when you make woocommerce checkout like shopify?

Since Woocommerce blocks is new, there are lots of plugins which don’t currently work for it. If you did want to add upsells and downsells, however, you can read my blog here.