3 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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When it comes to website performance, it’s essential to pick the best WordPress hosting providers which fit your budget. From my own experience with hosting, it can be the difference between a website which takes 5 seconds to load, and a website which takes just 1.

Throughout my web development career I have been with hosting providers, building WordPress websites with the likes of Divi and Elementor, and have found clients complaining about the speed.

I remember spending hours trying to optimise images, control the WordPress heartbeat, optimising the SQL database, and turning off Woocommerce cart fragments, all for minimal performance increases. The situation got so bad that I even considered moving to a dedicated server at one point.

Turns out I was just with the wrong hosting.

After moving from Kualo to Siteground, I immediately saw a difference. A majority of the optimisation strategies which I had spent hours implementing were not necessary, but instead trying to fix a problem which was solely due to the hosting I had picked.

Below I’m going to discuss the 3 best wordpress hosting providers based on your budget.

1) Siteground

Siteground is the best wordpress hosting when it comes to finding a server which is extremely fast, has tonnes of space and is easy to use.

On top of that, siteground comes with it’s own optimisation plugin which means you don’t need to purchase a yearly subscription for something like WP Rocket.

Here are analytics for a wordpress Divi built website on Kualo, compared to Siteground.

Coming in as cheap as £5 per month, and their top package being just £15 per month for 40gb of space, Siteground is a clear winner.

2) Bluehost

I would only use hosting if I was to have a site which was image or video heavy. Since they have unmetered storage (which, just so you know, doesn’t mean ‘unlimited’), it means you can get websites upwards of 100gb.

3) Kinsta

Kinsta is hands down the fastest WordPress Hosting you have, however, the difference in speed comes with a big cost difference. In my opinion, the difference in speed is negligible, and only matters if you really need those last few boosts in website speed.

Conclusion on the Best WordPress Hosting